CT2 Features Alltite as ASME PCC-1-2010 Authority

Saturday, April 23rd 2011

Compressor Tech Two (CT2) recently explored the history of bolting from the 1800′s to today. Over time, engineers have recognized the importance of standardizing bolting practices, leading to formal guidelines being published by ASME in 2000. Those guidelines, entitled PCC-1- 2000 Guidelines for Pressure Boundary Bolted Flange Joint Assembly had a big impact on the industry.

Of course, progress didn’t stop there. As the article states:

After publication of “PCC-1,” new tools and other technology, new measurement capabilities and new understanding of material science con- tinued to accrue. Applications contin- ued to evolve.

So, in 2010 the guidelines were updated to PCC-1-2010. Alltite Vice President of Bolting Services, Scott Hamilton, is quoted as saying, The changes contained in the 2010 revision will have far reaching effects on bolted flange joint assemblies and result in plant savings of hundreds of thousands of dollars.  The updated standards are nearly twice as long as the original and take into account many more factors than the original.

That’s where Alltite and its “Total Bolting Solutions” philosophy comes into play. Alltite is an expert on all things bolting, in particular the ASME guidelines and best practices across a wide range of industries. Alltite offers consulting services, but also customized bolting procedure development, and on-site tool trailers and technicians. Alltite also sells, rents and leases a wide range of tools and equipment.

Alltite is well known as a tool calibration resource, too. A sister company, MobileCal, operates a fleet of vehicles that deliver calibration services directly to the customer. That extra level of service saves time and money for the customer and is increasingly popular, according to the company.

If you need help navigating the ASME guidelines or just have questions about your next bolting project, contact Alltite today.

Original Article (PDF): A Wrenching Game