The Thinnest, Flattest and Fastest Hydraulic Torque Wrench System

Bolt Torque and Tension Rental Solutions

Everything we sell, we also rent. Serviced, calibrated and ready to perform. Our rental programs match your tool use, whether it’s a one-off rental, a long-term rental or a rent-to-own program.

Alltite offers rent-to-own options at the onset of the rental program. Customers provide a timetable and we create a scalable package that meets the needs while optimizing costs. Our experts can help you kit a trailer, tool kit or package for your application.

Our long-term rental program accounts for upstream business irregularities. Kits can scale up and down as business demands, and many customers prefer the long-term rental expense over a capital expenditure. Our long-term program offers 1, 3 and 6-month rentals of shale-region equipment at significant discounts. Hand-selected tooling matches the special needs of BOP nipple-up work and API flanges, featuring the X-Driver, our leading hydraulic equipment, as well as our Revolution Classic Pump and Intrinsically Safe Pump options.