Mining & Rolling Industry

Equipment to suit any job

Over the years, Alltite has resolved many issues involving mining OTR trucks and equipment. We use a variety of tools that effectively reduce man-hours and safety incidents for end-users and manufacturers alike. The enhanced speed and accuracy of proper bolt loads on track pad bolts, sprocket segments, final drives, bucket and haul truck lug nuts, wheel bolts and hydraulic cylinders has kept many manufacturers from warranty claims and breakdowns.

From hydraulic wrenches, sockets and power packs, to pneumatic wrenches and multipliers, we supply all brands of completely calibrated and certified tools. This equipment is for rent, as well as for sale. Every tool is guaranteed to perform and comes with 24-hour technical service.

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Field Service Job-Site Box Rentals

Alltite has amassed a supply of on-site job boxes outfitted with controlled bolting tools for various types of off-road machinery. This lockable steel job box is filled with sockets in 6-point and 12-point configurations, hydraulic wrenches up to 8000 Ft-Lbs and in some cases pneumatic torque multipliers up to 5000 Ft-Lbs.

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