Plarad IQ series 700 bar power packs

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Plarad IQ series 700 bar power packs

IQ-VAX 1, 2, 3.5

Power packs with technology and versatility. Automatic Cycling, Torque, Torque + Angle and Data Documentation available for hydraulic torque wrenches with the IQ Pump Series.

Our rugged and durable power packs are characterized by the constant volume output pressure limit of 800 bar and have proven themselves through their long life in the toughest applications. Ranging from standard lightweight power packs to microprocessor-controlled, fully automatic power packs to specialized power packs – Plarad offers the power pack that will fit your needs best.

  • Works in conjunction with the optional BE-X32 handheld data logging unit. This provided historic data logging records, torque+angle and pre-loading bolting applications into the pump.
  • Compact design
  • Low noise emissions
  • Optimized cooling through cooling fins and arrangement of the integrated high speed cooling
  • Suitable for construction site use: Motor secured in oil tank, completely protected by integral frame
  • Designed for single- and twin-hose applications
  • Use of several hydraulic torque wrenches or other hydraulic tools