Windpower Engineering and Development Asks To See Your Calibration Certificate

Thursday, July 21st 2011

recent article on the Windpower Engineering and Development website asks to see the calibration certificate on that hydraulic torque wrench you are using. They note that many companies believe factory torque charts and a certified gauge provides enough accuracy, but go on to say, It’s a hazardous assumption because calibrated power tools frequently are not performing as expected.

Of course, Alltite offers certified calibration services, both on-site and off. But, the article also points out that calibration certificates are often hidden away in an office and cannot be readily produced when required, resulting in losses in productivity. However, engineers at Alltite Total Bolting Solutions may have an answer to the problem in an online service that tracks tools, their calibration, and certification.The article goes on to say that the benefits are that the company’s quality-control person would see the entire fleet of tools to make sure they are compliant. The paperless system lets users get away from chasing the sheet of paper that usually comes with calibrations.

Tom Smith, Alltite’s CEO, was quoted in the article, saying, Data and procedures assist with calibrating torque tools step-by-step to ISO standards 6789 and 17025. So you can ensure your tools are calibrated to the highest standard and documented as such.

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Original Article: May I See the Calibration Certificate for your Torque Wrench