Guide to Choosing the Right Calibration Company

Tuesday, September 18th 2012

What separates some mobile calibration companies from others?  Most mobile calibration companies use a “clicker checker” to see if the tool is within the appropriate range.  If it is, they sell you a sticker for $100, if it isn’t; they send the tool off or sell you a new one.   With hydraulic wrenches, they do the same thing, except this time the sticker is around $250.

MobileCal is in the business of calibrating on site.  For manual wrenches, we use a bench top transducer and adjust wrenches back into spec on site.  For hydraulic wrenches, we create a custom chart for the wrench based on its performance characteristics.

Questions you should ask your mobile calibration service:

  • Are they accredited?
  • Do you actually have the ability to calibrate onsite, or do you just have the ability to know whether it needs calibrating or not?
  • Is this truly a calibration service or is this a “testing service?”
  • Is this a third party test or is the manufacturer providing the test?  3rd Party testing eliminates conflicts of interest.
  • Do you have a unified quality process across all vans, so you know you are getting consistent calibrations each time?
  • How does the certification look?  Is it available online?  How quickly can you send me the documentation?
  • What types of tools do you calibrate?  Manuals?  Wrenches?  Electrical testing devices?  Chart recorders?