Alltite Profiled in Wind System Magazine

Thursday, December 22nd 2011

Wind Systems Magazine recently profiled Alltite for it’s impact on the bolting solutions industry, highlighting its innovation and many firsts.

The article begins with a history of the company, started by two brothers Tom and Andy Smith, whose years of industry experience laid the foundation for what they saw as opportunities for improvement. The two wanted to offer “total bolting solutions” that involved far more than selling tools. As the article puts it:

The concept involved establishing Alltite as a provider of total bolting solutions, supplying a range of cutting-edge hydraulic torque tools, equipment and accessories for sale or lease as well as offering training, program evaluation, and outsource services. Initially targeting the petro-chemical industry—in addition to natural gas, power generation, and others—the company was soon involved in a number of wind farm projects.

Recognizing the need to offer services at the site of the project, in 2005 the Smiths launched MobileCal, a calibration laboratory on wheels. That was followed by earningA2LA certification, “which assures customers that our quality system meets the requirements of ISO 17025 proficiency testing while also supporting the validity of our documentation and test results,” the article states. This was the first time the ISO certification had ever been granted.

Following on that success was the creation of Torqueware, custom-made calibration software backed by an online portal that allows clients to quickly and easily access their tools’ locations, calibration histories, certifications, and calibration schedule reminders. Torqueware reinforces the original total-bolting-solutions philosophy by making it easier for large organizations to manage their physical assets, compliance documentation, and maintenance schedules across multiple sites, and across the country.

The Smiths’ next endeavor was an innovative Partner Program. The Partner Program offers a cross-system solution tailored to the individual needs of the client. As the article states, the Partner Program, generally involves an assessment by Alltite and MobileCal, taking inventory of a company’s tools and equipment and providing an estimate of the site visits that will be required. Once approved, calibration is conducted according to schedule and the results entered into the Torqueware system. All training, maintenance, and certification is then handled by Alltite and MobileCal as part of the package, with the customer enjoying access 24/7 online. Brilliant.

Because the wind industry has been growing so rapidly, Alltite has begun shipments of “Wind Kits.” The leased kits include the latest tools, calibrated and ready to use. When the project concludes, the tools are returned to Alltite. It’s a huge time and money saver for project managers.

Today, Alltite continues its mission to grow and innovate, and to truly provide total bolting solutions.

Original article (PDF): Alltite Profile in Wind Systems Magazine – December 2011