Alltite’s revolutionary TorqueWare™ calibration software offers the most advanced and accessible documentation system on the market. Unlike traditional static data storage, Torqueware™ allows you 24/7 access to digital files, with the freedom to convert them to hard copies whenever you need. There’s no intermediary office, no waiting period for certificate requests. If you need a new document for any reason or just want to update a file in your office, up-to-the-minute-accurate information is at your fingertips.

Our paperless system maintains a complete inventory of each calibrated tool and allows 24/7 access to online documentation through three unique interfaces that are designed for technicians, administrators and customers. Our services are custom-tailored to specific user needs. Let TorqueWare™ streamline the entire process and make access effortless for everyone.


Bolting Tools

Alltite offers a variety of essential and convenient equipment options in our online store. We strive to update our inventory regularly and offer you the industry’s best tools and supplies.

From manual torque tools and hydraulic torque tools, gear multipliers, stud tensioners and flange spreaders, to on-site equipment rental and full-service MobileCal calibrations, we can equip you for any job.

Please call us at 800-498-6721 to confirm pricing and availability on all items of interest.




All of Alltite’s calibrations, torque work and bolting services are guaranteed to reflect our commitment to safety and quality. Our bolting service regulations are so rigorous, they are now the official ASME PCC-1-200 industry standard. We maintain repair facilities at our headquarters in Wichita, KS and pride ourselves on providing 24-hour turnarounds on most repair estimates and calibrations, as well as efficient torque services, stud-tensioning, equipment and safety training, new process consultation, project documentation and record keeping.




Our staff of certified specialists is equipped to train your own personnel to the same standard we apply at Alltite, guaranteeing you the competitive edge of a skilled in-house team. We can help your business develop effective joint assembly procedures, train for safe use of heavy equipment, and troubleshoot existing processes to streamline your workflow. We provide you with written documentation of any test results or remedy procedures we generate for your team and equipment, allowing you to track your progress with Alltite.