X Driver M Drive Hydraulic Torque Wrench

X Driver M Drive Hydraulic Torque Wrench


The M Drive is specifically made for the tightest BOP applications where no other wrench can fit. The M Drive is the fastest tool due to its long stroke.

The M Drive has three choices of hex links:

  • A patented, totally enclosed ratcheting cassette, with no exposed teeth that has a hyper low-profile.
  • A non ratcheting spanner link.
  • A swing-open non-ratcheting link that will open to fit around jam nuts.

Also available in the New X Driver SD


  • Manufactured the swivel out of steel and added a round diffuser on the flange
  • New pressure relief valve on the outside of the swivel block
  • Enlarged the top side of the piston shaft in order to create an adequate sized channel which results in the O-ring on the piston to stay in tact and not deteriorate over time
  • Wider, more durable drive plate that has increased in size
  • We added metal by taking out the curve
  • Precision machining of all outside link edges
  • Reaction forces have been distributed to both side plates with reinforced steel reaction plate

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