Ultrasonic Measurement

Critical accuracy every time

Alltite is proud to offer your business our services in ultrasonic bolt tensioning, the newest and most effective fastening method.

Why Choose our Ultrasonic Monitor?

  • Expert on and off-site assistance with the assembly of critical bolting operations
  • Establishment and writing of expert, industry-leading bolting procedures
  • On-site expertise and troubleshooting
  • Implementation of Quality Assurance/Quality Control for safe and efficient performance
  • Complete documentation programs
  • On-site safety, use and operation training for high-powered equipment

How It Works

Quite simply, we achieve pinpoint accuracy by measuring differences in travel time for an ultrasonic shock wave along the length of a fastener, as it is tightened. An on-board microcomputer automatically interprets this measurement to a nanosecond display, reporting elongation, load and stress or % strain. High-speed digital signal processing of this information in addition to automated diagnostics minimizes the requirements for operator training before use. With its built-in RS232 interface for data recording and reporting, the UT offers an easy and reliable solution to the most difficult bolting problems.