Quality Assurance / Quality Control

Let us keep an expert eye on the details

Our Quality Assurance/Quality Control (QA/QC) program can be implemented to test, analyze and troubleshoot a variety of wrench products and services. Alltite provides on-site QA/QC inspection for many torque, tension and manual wrench products and services. We’ll ensure proper flange inspection and follow up on contracted or staff-completed bolting projects, examining turnarounds, construction, expansion, or maintenance, ensuring zero leakage on the flanges inspected.

The Alltite QA/QC program includes:

  • Method efficiency verification
  • Written torque/tensioning test procedure
  • Test results
  • Written torque/tensioning remedy procedure
  • Corrective action results
  • Gasket Selection
  • Method Selection

Project Documentation

Alltite will:

  • Prepare written joint assembly procedures compliant with ASME PCC-1-2013, or use equally-complied procedures prepared by the customer.
  • Seek approval from the owner’s inspector or designated agent for approval of deviations from our agreed-upon procedures.
  • Provide all tools needed for bolt-up procedures.
  • Monitor and advise owner’s maintenance personnel during joint assembly.
  • Provide and supervise bolt elongation (stretch control), if requested.
  • Provide and supervise personnel in the final assembly of flanged joints.
  • Provide the owner with a report covering each joint assembled, including the record information listed in Paragraph 14 of ASME PCC-1-2013.

Project Record-Keeping

At the end of the bolting services project, Alltite will provide you with a binder and a CD/DVD containing the industry’s most detailed documentation package including:

  • Written overview of the project, procedures used, etc.
  • Analytics and statistics
  • Procedure forms