Our Commitment to Veterans

Military.com Veteran Hiring Pledge Alltite has a proven track record of military hiring and remains committed to veteran hiring across the company. We believe in providing opportunity for military hires because we know the prior experience, discipline, detail orientation and strong work ethic match Alltite’s values.

Today, Alltite employs 22% military veterans/active reservists. We strive to maintain and increase this number through our company initiatives and employment practices.

Alltite is Veteran Friendly

We are proud to illustrate a snap shot of our successes with military hires. Their influence is present throughout the company in many different departments and roles:

Brian Schmutz started with Alltite in 2013 working his way from Calibration and Repair Technician to Lead Calibration Technician to Shop Manager at headquarters today. Brian joined Alltite with over twenty three years of service with the United States Air Force.

Justin Anderson is a Web Developer responsible for the websites and web applications used by Alltite customers and technicians. Joining Alltite in 2013, Justin has over three years with the United States Army.

Shannon Konrad started with Alltite in 2014 as a Mobile Calibration and Repair Technician based out of Iowa. Since 2000, Shannon has been and still is active with the Iowa National Guard.

Joe Ranstead worked for Alltite in 2012, and later re-hired in 2016 as a Calibration and Repair Technician at the headquarters shop. Joe joined Alltite with over six years with the United States Air Force.

J Edwards was hired in 2017 as a Mobile Calibration and Repair Technician based near Lubbock, Texas. J served over eleven years in the United States Army.

Veronica Carr started with Alltite in 2017 as an Operations Support Representative. This role allows her to use her mechanical and organization skills she learned while in the United States Air Force for five years.

Craig Vogel started with Alltite in a temporary status and by early 2018 he was hired as a regular full time Shipping and Receiving Technician. Craig served eight years with the United States Army Reserve.

Chris Kamphaus worked for Alltite in 2014, and later re-hired in 2017 as an IT Support Analyst at headquarters. Chris joined Alltite with over four years in the United States Marine Corps.