Introducing iTite

Saturday, March 17th 2012

“How Much Torque do I Use?”

The question seems simple, but its answer  requires you to know bolt type, bolt diameter, lubricant and, most importantly: Bolt Load. Bolt Load is typically defined as percentage of yield, but sometimes confusingly called pounds of load, ksi, kips or psi. determines recommended Bolt Load for specific flange joints.

Flanges should be individually evaluated with the latest engineered standards, but the proper Bolt Load requirements are buried in hundreds of pages of code few teams have time to sort through. The vast difference in Bolt Load definitions and policies between plants often causes leaks, equipment damage and downtime.  There has to be a better way, right?

Bolt Load Answers!

Alltite is pleased to introduce the world’s first Bolt Load calculator,, as the answer to this difficult question. easily recommends Bolt Load determinations for specific flange joints. makes determining Bolt Load easy by providing a three-step process to make all the necessary calculations. The application then applies this Bolt Load to the latest guidelines, providing step-by-step procedures for flange assemblers to take into the field for fast and reliable flange joint assembly. also has a built-in archival system that allows you to retrieve procedures and duplicate best practice in the future.

This tool bridges the gap between elite engineering and on-site assemblers to provide consistent results and mitigate risk, lost profit opportunities and safety incidents due to improper flange assembly. Visit to learn more and see a FREE demonstration.