Fastorq AutoSPREADER Flange Spreader

Fastorq AutoSPREADER Flange Spreader


The AutoSPREADER provides up to 10,000 pounds of force to separate flange faces up to 3 inches and is available in Hydraulic (HS10K) or  Manual (MS10K) models. A standard hand pump powers one Hydraulic AutoSPREADER flange spreader, or a pair of the AutoSPREADER flange spreaders, with ease. The Manual Auto-Spreader uses a ratchet handle to transform 100 Ft-Lbs of input to 10,000 lbs. of spreading force to create the gap between flange faces. A load lowering valve is available for hydraulic pumps to control the closing rate of the HS10K. Alltite recommends that your work with your bolting specialist to decide which product best fits your application.

Use the AutoSPREADER for a wide variety of tasks including: gasket maintenance, opening vessels, lifting, leveling and lowering, aligning turning blinds, bearing and impeller removal, separating manways, toe jack, and more.

Other features:

  • Universal — one size fits all.
  • Safe — no loose wedges or parts.
  • Lightweight — just 12 lbs. – one person operation.
  • 3″ travel in one pass, jaws open parallel.
  • Jaws have serrated surface; no drift — it stays where you place it.
  • 10,000 lbs. applied force at tips
  • Can be remotely operated.