ATP Professional Ball and Cam Series Impact Wrench

ATP Professional Ball and Cam Series Impact Wrench


ATP Professional Tools Ball and Cam Series feature a precision ball and cam mechanism, converting air motor torque into powerful rotary impacts, all with a time tested design.  These professional tools feature alloy steel hammer cases that are machined from solid bar not drawn or cast. The model number is stamped in the motor housing under the name plate for permanent identification. There is a high power to weight ratio, plus 100% parts interchangeability to the equivalent tool. Your replacement parts inventory will work for any tool you purchase.  Alltite recommends this tool for soft joint applications.

  • Steel clutch housing
  • 3 piece housing construction for ease of maintenance.
  • Pressure feed lubrication for impact mechanism
  • Adjustable power regulator for forward and reverse power control
  • Ergonomic handle.
  • Exhaust with sound reducing muffler
  • 100% American Made

Category: Other Tools and Accessories

Vendor: ATP