X Driver V Drive Hydraulic Torque Wrench

X Driver V Drive Hydraulic Torque Wrench


Boasting up to a 36-degree power stroke, this tool exceeds the competition by producing a 30-percent faster stroke. The tool has a push through square drive, a reaction pawl, lack of a shroud and aluminum body. With a multi-plane, attached, universal reaction arm, the V drive provides the largest reaction area of any tool. This is the only square drive that is one piece, ensuring that the reaction arm is never dropped. Eight different settings along the length of the tool allow for adjusting in all directions with the posi-lock locator buttons. A 360 degree adjustability and height adjustable setting for variable socket depths allow this system to fit more applications.

Also available in the New X Driver SD


  • Manufactured the swivel out of steel and added a round diffuser on the flange
  • New pressure relief valve on the outside of the swivel block
  • Enlarged the top side of the piston shaft in order to create an adequate sized channel which results in the O-ring on the piston to stay in tact and not deteriorate over time
  • Wider, more durable drive plate that has increased in size
  • We added metal by taking out the curve
  • Precision machining of all outside link edges
  • Reaction forces have been distributed to both side plates with reinforced steel reaction plate

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