The Partner Program by Alltite allows our high-volume clients to leverage size for exclusive discounts. We offer comprehensive bundles of products and services, rather than meticulously-itemized charges. Enjoy unlimited fixed-rate billing on all your service needs and drive consistency across your organization.

The Benefits

  • Fixed-rate billing
  • All-inclusive
  • Discounted training certification
  • Discounts on new tools and equipment
  • On-site, accredited calibration
  • Unlimited, year-round calibrations
  • Company-wide documentation solutions

The Process

  • Assess: Alltite will take inventory of your tools and equipment, estimate required site visits and set a schedule for service.
  • Estimate: Based on Step 1, we’ll estimate a monthly, quarterly or annual cost.
  • Calibrate: We’ll calibrate all of your equipment and input data to the Torqueware™ system.
  • Train. Maintain. Certify: We’ll maintain inventory and management of your tools. You’ll have 24/7 access to Torqueware™ and our team will notify you when the next site visit is due.