Alltite Corporate voted coolest office in the ICT

Monday, December 22nd 2014

Six weeks, 24 offices, thousands of votes. The end result: Alltite is the winner of the inaugural Wichita's Coolest Offices contest.

Alltite won in a bracket-based competition, in which we asked readers to vote in head-to-head matchups. You can see the bracket below (click on the bracket image to see a larger version).

Alltite moved into its space at 1600 E. Murdock in January 2013. The company tells us El Dorado Inc. helped to design an open-office concept with "bullpen" work stations for collaboration. The walls feature inspiring quotes from prominent business people like Steve Jobs and Jack Welch to remind employees to strive for innovation.

"Ultimately, this is about a place for them where they can be productive," says Anne Smith, sales director at Alltite.

Alltite provides bolting equipment and services for heavy industry and is involved in projects including gas pipelines and wind turbines. Smith says the company has several locations around the country, and the Wichita headquarters office helps groom new people to work in those remote sites.

"The employees have such a great passion for what we're doing," Smith says, noting that employees all joined in promoting the Coolest Offices contest. "It's not necessarily the most glamorous industry, but they make it fun and were so excited about showing off what we do in Wichita."