Power Generation Industry

Turbine Tools & Solutions

Our wind industry customers estimate that 10-25% of the total hours worked during a turbine outage are spent bolting and un-bolting joints. We at Alltite see decreasing the time spent on the job’s nuts and bolts as an opportunity to reduce overall repair time.

Alltite provides hydraulic and pneumatic torquing systems that offer dramatic savings in overall time and man-hours spent remedying turbine outages.

Nuclear power plants have taken advantage of Alltite’s services to lower employees’ DOS rating. We have specialty tools that make the technical bolting completely hands-free and increase speed as much as 50%, getting employees in and out quickly and efficiently.

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Turbine-Specific Rental Boxes

Alltite has complete turbine rental job boxes for General Electric, Westinghouse, ABB and more.

They come with hydraulic and pneumatic wrenches, sockets, accessories and other features depending on your specific requirements.