Natural Gas Transmission Industry

Specialized natural gas equipment

Alltite is heavily involved in the gas compression and transmission industry. Since 1984, John Smith has been introducing technologically advanced torque tools to this industry. From crawling in to crank cases, tightening head bolts and cylinder base bolts, to main bearings and foundation bolts, Alltite has the equipment and expertise to handle anything.

We supply hydraulic and pneumatic torque wrenches and pumps, flange work accessories, foundation bolt/nuts and custom tooling for applications such as unloader bottles, inlet flanges, articulating rods and power assemblies.

We have specialty tools for engines and compressor packages like HOS, RDS, Cooper GMX, GMV, GMW, Z330, Enterprise, White, Clark, Ingersoll KVS, KVSR, KVG and more. High speed units like Ajax, Waukesha and Caterpillar have custom packages as well.

Our unique industry position allows us to take an unbiased and honest approach to the best tool brands and styles for your application. We utilize all brands and methods to improve safety while reducing the downtime and environmental hazards inherent to this industry.

Call us today and speak to one of our compression and transmission specialists to see how Alltite can be your newest resource.

Smallest Wrench In The World

Alltite has just unveiled the smallest, most compact hydraulic tool in the world. It is smaller than a bar of soap and only ½” thick, torques up to 590 Ft-Lbs and fits easily in the palm of your hand! It runs off your current hydraulic pump and has a corner radius of less then ¼” inch, allowing it to fit where box end wrenches can’t.

For 24-hour information on, or a demo of this or any product just call 1-800-498-6721.

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