Manufacturing/Assembly Industry

Collaborative greatness

Alltite, along with Stanley Assembly Technologies, provides solutions to the Mid American manufacturing and assembly market. Core solutions include high-performance DC electric and pneumatic tightening tools and controllers, conventional pneumatic articulating arms, torque tubes and intelligent assist devices for ergonomic material handling, as well as hydraulic torquing and ultra-sound measuring to verify fastener elongation (clamping force).

Our torque capacity ranges from 0.5 to 4,000 Nm (4 In-Lbs to 3000 Ft-Lbs.), with the Stanley Assembly tool line to over 50,000 lbs with other techniques and equipment. Tool geometries include straight, pistol, angle, hold & drive, crowfoot and tube nut outputs. Levels of torque control range to fit assembly requirements from the most critical, such as safety-related vehicle components, to error-proofing and other non-critical applications. Network systems enable plant-wide real-time assembly monitoring, including statistical charting, trace analysis, remote tool configuration and hardware diagnostics.

Engineered Assembly Systems

Alltite and Stanley partnership capabilities also include custom design-and-build services, joint analysis, total project management, installation and start-up services and technical support. Extensive custom engineering experience and a complete line of assembly spindles, articulating arms, torque tubes, process controllers and tightening strategies can meet specific assembly needs.

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